Ramji Natarajan – Chairman

ramji“TMIC is a unique brand, that caters to all dreamers. We want to give our customers the most memorable experiences on their travels. It is my personal commitment to all who choose TMIC, that they will remember their holidays for life”

Known by the informal title of ‘Location Guru’, Ramji and his Travel Masters India have, since 1991 done over a 1000 movie shoots in over 50 countries.

Ramji began his professional career as a fashion model, and fell in love with the world of film when he made his debut as a hero in Telugu Film Director, Dr Dasari Narayana Rao’s 1980 hit love story. ‘Swapna’. He went on to star in 40 more films, sharing the screen with stars like NT Rama Rao, Krishna, Chiranjeevi, Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan.

However, he found himself wanting to explore another career, which took him to TCI in 1986, as Executive Sales and Marketing then to Cathay Pacific from 1987 – 88, and to Panam Airlines’ GSA office from 1988- 90.

Bringing his two loves of film and travel together, he put in an investment of Rs 20 lakhs, and started Travel Masters India Private Limited, with the help of the late Magunti Subbarami Reddy and Magunti Sreenivasulu Reddy, Chairman of the Balaji Group and owners of Asia’s largest Breweries and Distilleries, and suppliers of the Kingfisher / UB group.

He brings to TMIC his considerable expertise in the logistics involved in transportation, air travel, visas, documentation and crew members, when shooting at the foreign locations.